Torxhead’s Web TimeSheet

Torxhead’s Web TimeSheet is an efficient, cost-effective solution that can be utilized at anytime from anywhere. The “paperless” automated timesheet is popular with Fortune 500 companies on down to small consulting firms because it is easy to use and implement.

web timesheet
web timesheet with document attachments

What we do

  • Web TimeSheet with Document Attachments for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.
  • We specialize in integrating our Web Applications with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (Timberline) financial and operations software.
  • Our business is to develop, host and service web-native business-to-business applications for the AEC market.

Please contact CRE Solution for:
  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline Office Financial & Operations Software)
  • Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder)
  • Sage Estimating
  • Sage Service Operations
  • Sage Construction Project Center
  • Sage Paperless Construction ECM (Enterpise Content Management)
  • Sage MyAssistant for Sage 300 CRE (Timberline Office)
  • Sage Office Connector
  • Greenlight Compliance Manager
  • Ei Dynamics BPM

Purchase Price:

as low as
$20 per user !

We also offer a TimeSheet Hosted solution.

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web timesheet report supervisor approval

Web TimeSheet

Web TimeSheet 3.4 / Web TimeSheet 3.5 + Document Attachments

Torxhead’s Web TimeSheet is an efficient, cost-effective solution that can be utilized at anytime from anywhere. The “paperless” automated timesheet is popular with Fortune 500 companies on down to small consulting firms because it is easy to use and implement.

Enter TimeSheets by Work Breakdown Structure (customizable):

  1. Job / Project
  2. Extra / Change Order
  3. Phase / Task / Cost Code
  4. Category
  5. Pay ID
  6. Union
  7. Union Local
  8. Union Class
  9. Certified Class
  10. Other custom code

Web TimeSheet Workflow:

  1. Employees enter Timesheets, Notes and Attach Documents on the Web
  2. Project managers Approve time on the Web
  3. Supervisors Approve time on the Web
  4. Timesheet reports are printed from the Web
  5. Timesheets are downloaded and imported into Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (Timberline)
  6. Documents are downloaded, indexed and imported into your document management system
  7. Job and employee data is uploaded from Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (Timberline) to the Web

Web TimeSheet Specifications & Requirements:

  • Automates TimeSheet and Document collection, approval and entry
  • Save Time and Increase Accuracy by reducing duplicate data entry and eliminate paper handling.
  • Microsoft .NET Technology
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Internet connected PC w/ Microsoft IE 6 or higher

Hosted Services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The subscription model minimizes the up-front costs for any size business and makes software spending more predictable for firms worried about cash flow. There's no software to install, and no hardware to purchase.

Quick setup Monthly fee per user.

All you need is an internet connected PC running MS IE 6 or higher

Price: as low as $1.00 per active user per week

Training Sessions

Please call 1.401.725.6555 to signup for a class.



Torxhead's “Paperless” TimeSheet Saves Money (And Trees!)

If you are looking to streamline your operation by eliminating the error-prone manual process of paper timesheets, then help is on the way. Fortunately, for the contractor, engineer, or architect, Torxhead's Web TimeSheet is an efficient, cost-effective solution that can be utilized at any time from anywhere. The “paperless” automated timesheet is popular with Fortune 500 companies on down to small consulting firms because it is easy to use and implement. You don't have to invest in software or hardware. All Torxhead requires is Internet access and a PC with Microsoft I.E. 5.5.

Joanne Hill, Corporate Controller at Transdyn in Pleasanton, California, switched to Torxhead several years ago on the advice of a Timberline dealer primarily because she “wanted to get into the 21st century.” Her company designs, builds, and maintains control and information management systems, mostly for municipal governments with aging infrastructures. With total employment ranging from 110-150 working on a minimum of 50 projects in remote locations at any given point in time, Hill was looking for an alternative to “good old manual timesheets filled out by employees, and keyed in on the Timberline system.” She resolved the problem of gathering, approving and keying in weekly timesheets with Torxhead's Web solution.

Whenever a company makes a transition to a new system, implementation is a source of concern, but Transdyn's Joanne Hill says that was not the case with Torxhead. The system was customized to meet Transdyn's specific needs, and Hill had “no complaint with turnaround time.” Besides the initial employee training, Joanne Hill found that problems were few, if any, and fixed immediately.

Switching to Torxhead's automated timesheet is painless because it is so easy to use. Employees simply log on to Torxhead's secure, password protected website, enter their information, and log out. The timesheet can then be reviewed and approved in cyberspace by project managers and supervisors to verify accuracy, thus facilitating the workflow. Projects stay on budget and on time, as well as eliminating duplicate data entries and missing timesheets.

Transdyn's experience with Torxhead has been so successful that Controller Joanne Hill uses the web timesheet exclusively. She points out that “every last one of our employees is on Torxhead or they don't get paid.” Hill comments that the problem with Torxhead is “it doesn't send an electric shock when they don't enter (their information) on a timely basis.

If you are looking for a way to enhance Timberline, or if you just want to take advantage of a “paperless” timesheet, then you can benefit from a special introductory offer. New users can sign up now for one year and get two months - free!

Also, Torxhead has special pricing for all clients; the first 50 users will be charged the regular rate of $6.95 each per month, but the next 150 will pay only $5.95 each, and the rate drops to $4.95 each for users above 200. There's never been a better time to find out how Torxhead's Web Timesheet can streamline your payroll process. For more information, contact Babak Taleghani at (401)725-6555 or at

About torxhead

“Great service comes from the heart...”

Torxhead's mission is to provide Web Applications for the Architect, Engineer, Contractor market.

In 1999 the idea of developing a Web TimeSheet for Timberline Office was born. Torxhead's Web TimeSheet was launched in 2001 as a hosted solution on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Web Server with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. The Web TimeSheet has evolved to capture all Job Cost-codes, Notes, multiple approvals, and has the capability to have multiple documents attached to each row of time.

Management Team

Babak Taleghani, Co-Founder and CEO

Babak has more than 25 years experience in Software Development, Software Sales and Computer Networking. He is the founder of Prism Business Computers in 1982 and Compurent in 1985. Babak has developed: client billing software for pension fund managers; passenger reservation, bus scheduling and routing software for senior centers; customized SBT accounting software; ScaleMaster truck weighing custom SBT module; LaserCheck custom SBT module.
Babak received a BS in Engineering from Brown University, and a BA in Economics from Brown University.

Nahal Taleghani, Co-Founder and VP of Client Services

Nahal started her career in banking and finance. She has been in charge of ICS's financial management. She has more than 16 years of experience in Marketing and Customer Service. Nahal has been supporting and using Timberline for over 20 years.
Nahal received a BA from National University of Iran, MA from University of Pennsylvania and MBA from The American Graduate School Of International Management.


We are looking for experienced, motivated, hard working, self starters. Please email your information to:
Location: North America

Positions available:

  • Position: Programmer
    Description: ASP.NET 3.5 application development
    Requirements: Minimum 3 years experience with: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2008, VB Script, Java Script, Visual Studio.
  • Position: Sales
    Description: Software Sales
    Requirements: Minimum 3 years experience with: Software Sales, AEC industry experience a must, Job-Cost Accounting familiarity.

Contact Information

Please call us at
+1 401-725-6555
and talk to a live person.


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 603333, Providence, RI 02906

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST

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